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Posted on 1 min read

Welcoming in 2022 with a new site site built with a mixture of Remix(opens in a new tab) and Uniorg to bring my Org-roam(opens in a new tab) library of notes to life.

Who it’s for

Quite a mix of people. My interests vary from software, the outdoors and cooking. The blog will feature a mixture of these things with a handy filter to focus on what interests you.

What’s working in this version

  • Linking to org-roam ID files, see about

  • Backlinks (also see about)

  • Code blocks rendered with Prism JS

  • Accessible client-side routing

  • Filter-able blog and feeds

What’s next

  • Exposing more of my existing library of notes, cheat sheets and adventures logs in hopes that they are useful to anyone else.

  • Building rich experiences for adventure logs

  • Writing